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Forex Expert Advisor from a development team with 12 years of experience in automating trading strategies

Get from 10% to 25% per month in the forex market using the Archie Pro robot
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About Forex robots

A Forex robot is a program that automatically performs trading operations on the Forex market without the participation of a trader according to a given strategy. The main task of the robot is to completely remove from a person the routine process of observing the market to find entry points, as well as remove emotions, excitement and other human factors from making trading decisions.

A big plus of trading robots is that it can analyze several currency pairs, and by analyzing a dozen strategies at once, make a decision on each currency pair 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

About the Archie PRO advisor
Archie Pro is an algorithmic Expert Advisor using 3 strategies to make a profit. Strategies work consistently, transferring order management from the first to the next, thereby minimizing risks, steadily earning profit to the owner
The first and main strategy receives the main income by fixing the profit, after which the order management is transferred to the second strategy
The second one works according to the individual strategy “Averaging Grid (the author's view of this type of trade)” accurately displays the remaining orders in profit
The third strategy is turned on if the second failed to quickly bring orders to profit
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What is the robot doing?

Smoothly brings all currency pairs to the market

Adjusts money management to the size of the deposit

Automatically considers commissions and swaps

Works with any broker

Fully automated strategies

Only positive trade dynamics

12 currency pairs to diversify risks

Works with MetaTrader 4

Advantages of an advisor

New algorithm for working with orders

Due to 3 strategies working in sequence, high profits and low drawdowns are achieved

Stable profit from 10% per month

There are no big fluctuations in profitability. Average 10% per month

Diversification across 12 currency pairs

A large number of traded pairs allows you to diversify the risks of a large drawdown

Back tests for 5 years guarantee reliability

Since 2015, there have been strong trends and protracted flats; Archie PRO has withstood all stages of the market with a small drawdown

More than 6 months on real quotes

The profitability confirmed by real data allows us to speak about the reliability of the history test

Work on any broker

We do not limit you in choosing a broker, but we can recommend brokers we trust

The robot is being rented

This means that we will improve, improve and support this product constantly

Want to test before you buy?
We provide a 14-day test period
Take the test
5 years of stable work

Stable history tests give confidence that the next few years, the Archie PRO robot will repeat its results and bring stable profits, which means it will delight traders and investors.

* tests were carried out on aggressive settings, we recommend using moderate risk settings

Archie PRO indicators on the independent monitoring of MyFXBook

Archie Pro feels great both in a volatile trending market and in a calm flat market. Many people remember Black Monday on March 9, 2020, when the markets fell 10% or more in one day.

The Archie Pro robot proved to be excellent and gave a profit of 40% in a month, although 80% of competitors' advisors did not survive this period and investors lost their money

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Archie Pro Advisor:
  • Profitability from 10% per month
  • Trades 12 currency pairs
  • License for 1 real account
Price: 500 USD
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Frequently asked Questions
How much should you invest?
The minimum investment amount is $ 200 with the condition that you open a cent account with a broker.
What are the guarantees that the robot is working?
We provide history tests for 5 years. They show how the robot would work if you installed it in 2015. We also provide reports of real trading on our accounts and the accounts of some of our clients.
Will I be able to withdraw money for sure?
We do not keep your money in our accounts and do not have access to them; you keep the investment amount with your broker. The money back guarantee is the reliability of the broker with whom you open a trading account
How can I pay and receive?
Payment by the advisor is carried out on cards VIZA, MasterCard, Qiwi, PayPal and after it will be install and connect to client trading account
Does the EA use averaging?
One of the strategies uses the averaging grid algorithm, but not the classical grid, but the author's one. The author's grid makes a more competent averaging, at trend reversals, in order to bring the profit level as close as possible. Also, the author's technique does not allow the EA to go into a large drawdown without opening additional orders when the market goes against the direction of open orders. PayPal
What are the conditions for opening a trading account?
Minimum deposit: $ 200 on a cent account with a minimum lot on the account of 0.01

2000 $ on a cent account with a minimum lot on the account of 0.1

$ 20,000 for classic accounts

Leverage: 1: 500 or more (we recommend 1: 1000)

Swaps: if the broker allows you to open an account without swaps, you need to use this, but if this is not possible, you can open accounts with swaps, the adviser takes into account swaps and commissions when calculating profit

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Automated Forex Trading Robot
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